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When a Pelican takes a formal student, the student is called a protégé.  Listed below are the protégés to the Ansteorran Pelicans.  Each protégé is listed next to their Pelican's name. Click on the Pelican's name to go to their entry in the Pelican list. Click on the Protege's Name to display their Order of Precedence entry.


Pelican Protégés
Adelaide de Beaumont Lady Branwen le Baxtere - Location: Barony of Bjornsborg
Lady Celonwy Silverbow - Location: Shire of March of Grimfells, Calontir
Anastacia Marie Travarra HL Ian dun Gillan - Location: Barony of Northkeep
Annes Clotilde von Bamburg Lady Katrina Alyse Argo - Location: Shire of Gatesedge
Lord Gavin Mac Giolla Rua - Location Seawinds
HE Gwendolen McIver - Location Stargate
Asatriona inghean Padraigin - Location Bordermarch
Gisela de Bier - Location Shire of Gatesedge
Goldweard of St. Golias - Location Bryn Gwlad
Arenvald Kief av Kiersted H.E. Baron Niklas Vasilevich Location: Barony of Raven's Fort.
Artorius ap Caradoc HL Elizabeth de Calais, Location: Barony of Northkeep
Caelin on Andrede

HL Ascelyn of Glentewrde, Location: Barony of Elfsea

Alianorra MacAiodh

Ceridwen Tir Gwstraff Baroness Dominique Michelle le Vesseur, Location: Wiesenfeuer
Branislava Kirilova 'doch Volkova, Location: Wiesenfeuer
Ellisena de Bayonne Ly Cecilie die Artztin, Location: Shire of Gates Edge
HL Gwynafwy Sinclaire, Location: Shire of Seawinds
Ly Natalia Auvert, Location: Shire of Gates Edge
Gunhilda Adeleva Amberstar Estrill Swet, Location: Province of Moonschadowe
Hillary Rose Greenslade Sabine du Bois, Location: Shire of Gate's Edge
Honor of Restormel Lady Moira Lindsey, Location: Shire of Ffynnon Gath
Ivar Runamagi HL Ralf of Oak Lawn the Oxhandler - Location: Barony of Bjornsborg
Lady Groa Ulfsdottir - Location: Barony of Stargate
Lord Gorm the Fat - Location: Barony of Bjornsborg
Lady Elizabeta Maria dei Medici - Location: Shire of Gates Edge
Karl der Gaenger Elspeth de Stervlen
Brenna MacDonald
Baron Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair
Lucais du Belier Baroness Mary Black Axe - Location: Barony of Wiesenfeuer
HL Robert (Croaker) Carmichael - Location: Barony of Loch Solier
HL Thomas Quilliam - Location: Barony of Wiesenfeuer
Michelle Chantal de Charente HL Hans Faust dem herlat - Location: Brad Leah
HL Monica de la Cueva - Location: Brad Leah
HL Sabine Lefevre d'Arnagnac - Location: Mooneschadowe
Myfanwy ferch Eifion HL Isabella Maria della Rose - Location: Byrn Gwlad
Lady Magdalena "Dena" Cortez - Location: Byrn Gwlad
Pendaran Glamorgan HL Arabella de Montacute - Location: Barony of Elfsea
Phelim "Pug" Gervase HL Moreg Cochrane - Location: Shire of Glaedenfeld, Meridies
Rhiannon fer Cian Darius of the Bells, ML - Location: Barony of Elfsea
Rognvalder Tilbuin Lady Elizabeta Maria dei Medici - Location: Shire of Gates Edge
Rosalia di Bellavita Lord Guyon Dupre - Location: Canton of Dragonsfire Tor
HL Domhnall Dubh O Ruairc - Location: Shire of Loch Ruadh
Lady Cadhla Ua Cellachain - Location: Barony of Namron
Fostered Proteges of Mistress Claryce Rafael Orfevre:
Lord Matheus Mac Domnail - Location: Barony of Elfsea
Lady Elisabeth Pendarvis - Location: Barony of Elfsea
Simonn of Amber Isle HL Maili Donnel MacGregor- Location: Barony of the Steppes
Lord Ricciardo da Nicolosi - Location: Shire of Rosenfeld
Tessa of the Gardens Lady Eibhlin inghean Roibeaird (previously known as Lady Eibhlin MacEogan) - Location: Barony of Stargate
HL Maili Donnel MacGregor - Location: Barony of the Steppes
(wears a forked tongue yellow leather belt, one section painted with a callig T and a blue flower (Tessa);
the other, with an S and a black tower (Simonn))
HL Carletta da Nicolosi - Location: Shire of Rosenfeld
Lady Bianca Mondragon - Location: Barony Bordermarch
Ulrica Bronwyn Baroness Ama Ryah hap Illys de Visclo - Location: Shire of Mendersham

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